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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” - RUMI 

What do people come to you for? What comes naturally to you? What is it that you do that the time just flies without you even noticing? It probably comes so naturally to you that you don’t even think twice that not everyone can do it, because in your mind, it’s easy. Nope, not every one can do it. 

Two weeks ago I was in Greece, where I was invited by my Greek teammate for the weekend to stay with her family, and she took my other teammate and I to all the touristy places and to the spots where on the locals go to. Her friend joined us at a little cafe spot on the sea and our group chatted for hours. That’s one of my favorite things about Europe, the way they can sit around a cup of coffee or tea and just talk for hours without feeling the worry of what they are going to do next or the need to rush . Anyways, we ended up breaking up into side conversations and I had the opportunity to chat with my Greek teammates best friend, let’s call her Martha. 

She has style. Effortless style. So I had to tell her and she explained to me how much she loves styling her friends and fashion, but I already knew this because my other teammate that joined me on the trip stopped at this girls house to get clothes for the Greek carnival that my Greek teammate was going to be taking us to the following night, and she explained to me that she would tell Martha, “Actually, do you have this shirt, maybe baggier, or .. “ and she would immediately interrupt and go digging into her collection of clothes and it would be exactly what my teammate had envisioned, leaving her completely shocked at how effortlessly she read her mind time after time. 

I explained to Martha that what she does is something special. It’s a gift.  

Martha further explained that all her friends come to her for fashion advice and to get styled by her and that she loves it so much. When I mentioned the idea that she should be a stylist or do it as a career she lit up and said “ohh what a dream!” What! Why just a dream? Make it happen. But, she said she was scared, thought about how people would think she was crazy, and how many people are out there already doing it. I thought the same things when starting JOURNEYSTRENGTH. There are many brands selling products, so why should I think what I’m doing would be something special or being anything different? Thankfully I read some words that hit home and it went something like this: There is only one you in the world. Sure there may be a lot of people writing books or already making art, but you haven’t and what you do will be different than how anyone else’s does it. What if Oprah said, “Oh, well there are already talk show hosts, why should I bother?”. The world would be missing out. 

So yes there may be other people doing what you’re thinking of doing it, but they are not you. And yes people will have opinions about what you’re doing and yes you may fail, but there is always tomorrow. Failing is apart of the process. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and take a step outside of your comfort zone. Follow that calling, I don’t believe they should be ignored. Follow what brings you joy and what comes naturally. 

Imagine your big picture dream idea and just take the first step.

It doesn’t have to be some gigantic step. I didn’t tell her call up her boss and quit her job and just fling her self into her dreams recklessly. I encouraged her to get some friends, style them, and use her awesome photography skills and set up a little blog. Let it be anonymous, since she mentioned fearing of what others would say, and use a nickname until she feels comfortable with taking the next step of sharing it with the world. Just take one step towards the direction of your dreams, then the next step, and see where it takes you. Follow the pull. The calling the never really goes away. The one that stays in the back of your mind but you haven’t listened to it because you dismiss it with “Who, me? Not possible” Someone once said, “If not me then who? If not now then when?” 


Why not?
Don’t be the only thing getting in your way.

EXTRA // Words and articles to get you going:

"Face the Fear

When you’re ready start something new, there’s so much that can inspire fear. You might be afraid to make mistakes, to embarrass yourself, to admit you don’t know something, or to ask for help.

You’re allowed to be scared. Don’t ignore your fear—face it. Work to better understand what you fear so you can figure out how to overcome it. Figure out what’s in your way, whether it’s an outside influence (another person, a missing piece) or something about yourself (lack of knowledge, being a perfectionist).

Don’t dwell too long on why you’re afraid. Instead, shift your focus to why you shouldn’t be afraid. Think about all the reasons why you will succeed. Recognize that you already have many abilities, experiences, and assets that you’ll draw on as you embark on something new. Be confident that you will acquire new skills and learn through doing. Believe that you are capable of success."

Rachael Adams 

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