Rae Daniel // Pushing Past Fears and Stepping Out Of Comfort Zones

Rachael Adams

Posted on the Facebook of Rae Daniel - January 28th 2016

"Please disregard my awkward face, haha. Live shots and breaking news were two things that terrified me (ha, still kinda do) when I first started this job...Making sure I said the right things, didn't stutter, and didn't look too cray on camera - constant fears/worries. Well I stutter sometimes, lose my train of thought, and sometimes wonder if actual English just came out of my mouth. But I'm learning. And I'm human. It's so easy to be critical of yourself. Geeeze, we have enough critics in the world on what we do/don't do - how we look/don't look. Love yourself kid, cause who you are is enough and what you have to offer this world is needed. Know that and don't stop chasing the dreams set in your heart, even if a few hiccups get in the way. Ha this was the first breaking news live shot I did on our early morning show where I felt confident and comfortable. A few hiccups, but gotta admit it.. I was proud of myself :) Good news about this injuries/deaths were reported.” 

Rachael: How did you get to the point where you began to approach situations, like the one you shared on Facebook, with a lightness, an okay-ness to make mistakes and be satisfied with doing your best and being proud of that?

Rae: Honestly, I started looking back at some of my old work before I did this live shot. I would look at some of the stories I did, and remember when I went live and how hard on myself I was. It made me so sad because I remember watching them again and thought, 'Rae that wasn't that bad at all.' I realized what I was feeding myself mentally was not good -- and me being so critical of myself wasn't going to help myself in the future. Mistakes will happen. It's inevitable. I realize that I'm human and I also try and think, what would I say to my younger self if this happened, or if someone else made this mistake? I would never say some of the negative things I say to myself to other people, so I try to remember that.

Rachael: What allowed/allows you to push past the "constant fears/worries” you mentioned in your Facebook post when it came to doing live shots and breaking news? It’s an easy thing for many people to let fears and doubts hold them back from trying new things, doing something that takes them outside their comfort zone, and following their dreams/desires. But it’s an incredible thing seeing people, like yourself, acknowledge that they have fears and doubts and continue anyway because they know that great things await them on the other side of fear.

Rae: I realized that I will never be truly ready for anything in life. Sometimes you just have to take that risk if you are truly passionate about it. There's been soo many times I've been worried about what I'll say and how I'll look, but I gotta remember just to kill it because I truly have a passion for this job. And it's the type of job where every single day I have the opportunity to get better, write better and just get more comfortable in front of the camera. Push past that fear...who knows where that first step can take you. Keep moving forward and invest time to work on your craft and invest time in you because that's crucial. And that's so true Rachael because pushing past that fear in what you want to do could lead to amazing things you never could think of. Is it scary to take that step? Absolutely. Will it be worth it though? Absolutely.

Rachael: What sort of things have you gained from continuing pushing past your doubts and fears and constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone?

Rae: I've learned to laugh at myself more. Which is so key for me to remember not to take life so seriously. I've learned that life goes on and it's never as bad as I thought when thinking of my past live shots. I've also learned that because of pushing past my fears/doubts I'm not only impacting myself but others too. I'm amazed by some of the people I know and don't know, who will come up to me amazed and also excited about the work I do. It means the world to truly have no idea who you are impacting in this world..whether it's a person you've known for years or someone who you've never met. By stepping outside of my comfort zone, I can help others to step outside of theirs...and I think that's huge.

Rachael: Did positive self-talk play a role in allowing you to feel more for confident and comfortable on that particular live breaking news?

Rae: HUGE role. Daily affirmations are huge for me. Feeding the mind with positivity and reminding myself who I am is a big deal for me...remembering why I'm here and why folks hired me in the first place. I am here for a reason...and it's something I have to tell myself everyday.

Rachael: What quotes and words have helped you during your journey or played a pivotal role in allowing you to be more aware and think differently when it comes to following your dreams?

Rae: So many!! I actually have a happy book (well I have a couple, haha) that I've had for several years....and every time I hear something that made me laugh, or smile that day, I would write it down. When someone would say some words of encouragement, or something awesome that happened, or something I overcame...I write it down. And when I am feeling down or upset or being too self-critical, I'll open it up and have those reminders in plain site. And it helps me tremendously. One quote I heard that I love is "Be who you needed when you were younger." This is sooo true! Being that motivator, that person who pushes past fear, finding confidence within, and loving the person I am. Another quote that really stuck with me was "Don't compare someone's highlight reel to your chapter one." With social media it is soo easy to see others doing well and looking as if life is perfect, but I don't know their backstory and what it took for them to get where they are today, you know? So instead of focusing my time on what others are constantly doing, I remind myself that my time will come but it takes time, with hard work and persistence, to get there.

be who you needed to be when you were younger

Rachael: Can you elaborate on “hiccups”, how that relates to you and your journey, and how they play a role in getting you to where you are today? Do you believe “hiccups” are apart of every successful persons journey?

Rae: Absolutely. Getting to where you want isn't a straight line...there are bumps, potholes and hills you need to get over to get there. To me, hiccups are learning opportunities to get better. And then taking those learning moments and figuring out how to be better. Again it's not something that happens's an everyday process and you learn and grow from those "hiccups".

Rachael: You wrote, "Love yourself kid, cause who you are is enough and what you have to offer this world is needed.” I love the words you shared here. I know I struggled with the thought of not being enough and it wasn’t until I finally accepted that who i was and how I was, was perfectly and actually more than enough and the world needed me to be exactly how I was, that I was able to really shine and live confidently in who I was.

Rae: Rachael...just hearing you say that honestly brings tears to my eyes because I remember looking at your Facebook thinking to myself, "wow! She has it all together, I wish I was in her shoes!" You have no idea who you are impacting on a constant basis. It's something I have to tell myself everyday because I am enough...I am needed.. even if it's just one person that I can inspire/reach out/ really hear what I'm saying .... there was a need there and that's huge.

Rachael: What words or advice would you give to someone that has fears or doubts when it comes to following their dreams or doing things that make them feel uncomfortable?

Rae: Just go for it. Why not? If you don't do it, you'll constantly be thinking of wanting to do it, so might as well. And if you're afraid to fail, don't be because if it's something you're passionate about it, you will find a way to make it work. It may take time, but remember that big goals aren't achieved over night. Also, if you're afraid of what others might say..... my thoughts: there are some people in life who aren't going to like what you do/ who you are, and sometimes it's based on things you can change...sometimes it's based on things you can't change, so you might as well do what you truly love. What do you have to lose? Just go for it because honestly you never know what that small step could lead to! Keep at it and kill it in every aspect!

Rachael: Any finals words? Anythnig you want to share with someone that may stumble across this post?

Rae: You are a phenomenal human being. You can truly do anything you want in life if you work hard at it. Don't be afraid to fall...remember to get back up and learn from past mistakes. Conquer those fears and chase those dreams, boo!! You got this!!!

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