Week 1: Our Favorite Inspirational And Empowering Instagram Posts Of the Week

Rachael Adams

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We love finding, saving and hoarding Instagram posts that we can later share with you! So with that being said, enjoy this weeks selections! 

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✨??A note on why You..Yes..YOU are the most perfect thing to behold: We all lose sight sometimes..where we are going, why we are going there, or even who we are in the first place. You see, I truly believe, the most daring and bold thing a person can be is their damn self. Whatever you like, or want, or desire..own that shit! Make that stuff sparkle! Don't drop that magic for anyone! Remember who you are, snap out of it, and be you; with a damn smile on your face!! The most beautiful you, that'll ever exist is the one that gives no care in the world to outside jibberish, ideas, or noise. Today, cheers to remembering who you are! You're freaking awesome, every last one of you. #love #loveyourselfokay #sparkle #beyou #tattoo #nyc #soph #curls #light #notesonlove #confidence #losingsight #findyourself #thehappiest #glitter #insights #loveyourdamnself #encourage

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Trust it.

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Just in case you needed a reminder. #createthelove

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I was told it wouldn’t work. I was told I thought different. I was told a lot of things that I had to ignore along the way. If you’re going to make something happen in this world, you’re going to have to ignore a lot of negative inputs. People will tell you a lot of things from their limited perspectives. Smile and keep moving. If they don’t understand, they will. Work is what makes shit happen and results are what you show them in the end. Keep in mind, do it for yourself because a hater is usually always a hater and even after you accomplish something, they’ll have the nerve to tell you it was luck or any other multitude of excuses. Keep crushing your week and your goals. S/O out to my friend @wesurvived – We’re with you Kate. —————————————————————— Inspiration via @aksamillionaire —————————————————————— @hdfmagazine ?? Blessed by your Follow Featured Profile – LINK IN BIO of @hdfmagazine ??

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The more you feel your weakness the more you gain your strength. Every moment you invest in pushing through the weakness is rewarded by added strength. If you're out of shape and you walk up a steep hill, being out of shape is not just a concept. You feel it throughout your body. Yet when you get to the top of the hill, something important has happened. You have become stronger. Each time you climb that hill, you get even stronger. Every time you experience your weakness and work through that weakness, you gain new strength. There is no reason to be ashamed of or dismayed by your weakness. Choose instead to be motivated by it, inspired by it. Choose to see weakness as the opportunity it is. Weakness is strength that has not yet been claimed. Work on the weakness, work through the weakness, and the strength is yours. #SHINEEVERYDAMNDAY

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