Written: Kjersti Norveel 

Published: Saturday, February 17, 2018 12:03 EST

From the day I injured myself I imagined myself climbing..

You are standing looking up at a mountain. It is higher than any other mountain you have ever seen before. The climb up there seems impossible. You cant even see the top because of the fog. It seems impossible. You keep looking up, wishing you could just fly up there. But you can´t fly. You don´t have wings or any type of balloon. You just have a heavy backbag, but you have no idea what´s in it or why it is so heavy. You start walking....

climbing mountain forest nature

There is no path or suggested route.

You take a break and look inside your backbag. You find creativity and optimism. You grab it and keep on walking.

Starting to feel your legs burning. The blood is pumping and you can feel your heart beat in your head.

You take another look in your backbag and find doubt.

You take a look at it and throw it away.

You look deeper down in the bag. You find judgmental thoughts, tiredness and negativity.

You grab it and break it all into pieces.

When you now take on the backbag again, it feels lighter. Then you look ahead, maybe you can make it? You walk some more minutes before you take off the backbag and lay down.

Suddenly, there you are. On the top.

Breathing. Smiling.

You are standing above the clouds. You begin to be thankful for everything you found in your backbag: for eveything that helped you and everthing you threw away. You are thankful for every part of body that is still working. You are thankful for being alive and still breathing.

Because that if you didn`t have all of this, how would you climb?


Kjersti Norveel 

smiling girl Kjersti Norveel volleyball player

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