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Earlier this month we partnered up with the amazing Halfietruthes to invite you all, via social media, to share your stories of why or how you are STRONG. CAPABLE. ENOUGH. and then asked you tag us in it so we could pick a winner to send a water bottle.

We can't explain how much we enjoyed reading your stories and want to thank you for opening up and inspiring us in return. 

Check out a few of the powerful posts that were shared:


"Strength is not only a physical thing. You have to be strong spiritually, emotionally, and mentally also to be able to survive in this thing here called life. I am only 22 but I had to overcome quite a bit of adversity that has impacted my life being so young. However, I always know I am and will be STRONG, CAPABLE, AND ENOUGH"



"I am strong because I choose daily to love myself. I deny the worlds ideals of beauty and embrace my own; declaring daily to myself, "I am beautiful." I am strong because I choose to do things my way. I don't let myself get pushed around, and I don't tolerate controlling behaviour. I am strong because I am finally free, and I have pursued this freedom for many years. I am my own, and I don't need anyone else to define me. This is why I am strong.
I am capable because I am a woman determined to succeed. I don't let obstacles stop me, or slow me down. I persist and I push on, even when I'm exhausted. I am capable because I try, and I strive daily to be better. Challenges excite and thrill me. I have a history of success in my field, and I am continuing to grow and learn. This is why I am capable.
I am enough because I am not completed by anyone other than me. I am enough because I don't depend on the words of others to define my worth. I am enough because I believe I am powerful enough, strong enough, and capable enough to do anything I want to. I am enough, because I know I'm not too much, or too little. I am enough because I am me, and that is simply all.



"Mind over Matter is my constant reminder to maintain strength. After our home was broken into almost 2 years ago while me and my son were present, it left me broken as well. My days consisted of crying, waiting until my son went to sleep and sleeping on his floor while my husband worked third shift, asking family/friends to spend the night with me, calling friends when I was afraid in the middle of the night, and so much more. Therapy and fitness changed my life. People ask me all the time how I find the time to care about my health when I have the roles as a wife, mom, and a full time job. Your mind is irreplaceable and priceless. Once you've lost it and you think about all the rehabilitation and praying it took to get it back you maintain those healthy regimens. I felt so weak and powerless but I learned something along this #journeystrength . The very moment when I felt weak and reached out for help, I was in fact STRONG. It takes strength to be weak and to ask for help. It takes strength to take a moment and actually see where you are in life and let that current placement guide you on what to do next. As I worked on improving myself in different aspects of my life, I noticed my mind becoming stronger. If you're going thru anything, be strong and ask for help. You are indeed



"My Strength & Capability comes from being a mother. Being a mother has given me strength that I didn't know I possessed and also giving me the confidence and the power to be the nurturing & loving mama I wasn't sure I could be."



"I remember a time where I self loathed & loathed people. I was always angry, mad at the world for where my journey had led me. But I also remember when a beautiful woman or two helped me up & reminded me this isn't the end, 'you can change'. I've fought & still continue to fight for happiness because it is SO worth it. Through all the horrible men, through all the family drama, through all the 'friends' who left, to the happy home, to the best friends a woman could ever need, to an amazing man that I could see forever with, to repairing of relationships, to continuous growth in love & in life. I am #strongcapableenough & I continue on my path & encourage others along the way."



"I realize the only obstacle standing in my way is myself."



"STRONG // Both of my parents were substance users so my Nana raised me. Although she was 72 years old and already pre-occupied with taking care of her husband who just had a stroke - she added me to her list of responsibilities. I developed my strength from watching her take care of everyone and still find time for herself. My Nana has always been my role model and at some point in my life I realized everything I needed to be strong, she had already instilled in me. ---------------- CAPABLE // My Nana acknowledged that even though my life circumstances were different from those of my classmates, I was still capable of excellence. She verbally reminded me of this daily until I was able to say it to myself without her probing it. -------------------------- ENOUGH // As a child I never felt like I was enough -- enough for my parents to stay sober, enough for guys to find me interesting, enough for myself to look in the mirror and see beauty. 
Eventually I realized everything I counted as a void, actually contributed to the reason why I am enough. I’ve overcome so many obstacles and internal battles with a spirit of resilience. Through every tribulation, I always believed that God wouldn’t have given it to me if I couldn’t get through it. So I rose to the occasion. Whatever challenge flew my way, I came at it twice the speed. So now I am on a constant journey reminding my self daily of my worth and how proud my Nana is of me. ----------------- I made it my life goal to empower individuals to Don’t Die Afraid, realize that their circumstances don’t hinder their future, they are just stepping stones to success. They show how resilient and fearless you truly are.  


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  • Hi.really enjoyed watching you and team USA in Rio…you were awesome…stay beautiful and sweet….I like volleyball now because of you.. would love to meet you one day

    Leonard Winters

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