Proceed With Courage - Brass Key Chain


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Proceed With Courage - Brass Key Chain - JOURNEYSTRENGTH
Proceed With Courage - Brass Key Chain - JOURNEYSTRENGTH

Each keychain is handcrafted and each letter is hand hammered letter by letter resulting in a one of a kind, unique and slightly imperfect piece. Your piece will be yours and only yours...not another one like it! 

  • Gold brass disk 1 1/2” in diameter (38mm)
  • Hangs from a 1" keyring (25mm)
  • The gold brass disks are a copper alloy
  • Lightweight but durable 

H O W ∙ T O ∙ C A R E

To keep your piece looking like new, use a soft cloth to clean off any oils/make-up after use, and periodically use a polishing cloth to keep the shine.


T U R N ∙ A R O U N D ∙ T I M E

Our turn around time is about 1 -2 weeks.

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B E H I N D ∙ T H E ∙ S C E N E S



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